Flamenco Standards

Flamenco Standards

Flamenco Standards arises on the initiative of four of the most active musicians of flamenco jazz with the objective of creating a repertoire that comes from the genre, and bring it together in a book like the standards of North American Jazz. The potential songbook covers a wide range of composers, from Manuel de Falla and Enric Granados to Jorge Pardo and Paco de Lucía, going through them or (through) musicians as compositions can be drawn in the form of standards on which to improvise.

These four veterans of the genre have devoted a large part of thier careers to finding a way to bring flamenco and jazz closer, and from there to approach the freedom to which all musicians, especially improvisers, aspire to find.

The four lead their own bands and come together in “Flamenco Standards” to investigate and create a wide reperoire of themes which so many great musicians have been creating the already flamenco jazz genre.

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Marc Miralta: drums
Rycardo Moreno: guitar
Pablo M Caminero: doublebass
Enrique Rodríguez: trumpet & fluguel



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