Marc Miralta Flamenco Reunion

Marc Miralta Flamenco Reunion

Marc Miralta formed the MMFR band in NY in 1995. The first concerts went so well that he decided to continue with the project.

In 1997 they recorded their first cd, New York Flamenco Reunion, while on tour in Spain. Published by Nuevos Medios (NM15774), it’s one of the angular stones in the flamenco jazz world.

The band members are some of the best and most influential interpreters of flamenco jazz like Perico Sambeat and Javier Colina, one of the most authentic flamenco voices of the scene, Blas Córdoba, and two young and most upcoming artists of the moment, David Domínguez and Marco Mezquida.

Their music is a pure mixture of the traditional jazz tunes from Parker, Monk or even Shorter with flamenco rhythms, bulerías, soleás or seguiriyas. It takes the best of each style: the freedom and improvisation of jazz and the power and groove of flamenco rhythms. Some original tunes written by Miralta himself are also played.

They will be presenting their latest cd, Marc Miralta Flamenco Reunion (Karonte Contrabaix 7842).


Marc Miralta drums
Marco Mezquida piano
Martí Serra tenor & soprano saxophone
Martin Leiton doublebass
David Domínguez cajón i percussions
Blas Córdoba “Kejío” cante



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