CMS 15 years

The CMS trio is back! Their magic recipe of jazz, Latin standards and popular roots music is still more alive than ever after years on stages all over the world.


A live show with their own songs and classic jazz standards with African, Colombian and even flamenco rhythms and colours; ballads with a Cuban danzón feel; calypsos?


Popular and accessible music for all audiences! CMS fifteen years! After three lustrums of musical career, it would seem that there is little to tell that we don’t already know about these three enormous performers, although their musical wisdom seems limitless and their capacity to surprise the listener infinite.


Having the privilege of seeing and hearing them live is akin to the pleasure of savouring the extraordinary tasting menu of a three-star restaurant: high quality signature music based on the most genuine tradition, the hallmark of the house. A “gastronomic” journey through the musical roots that each of them has cultivated throughout their long musical careers.


Fede Serrat





Fede Serrat

Phone: +34 646 922 582